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Clean electricity

Nuclear power is climate-friendly energy, which makes TVO an important contributor to the fight against climate change as well as an advocate of sustainable development.

Stable base load energy

TVO provides Finland with competitively priced and stable domestic electricity, produced for shareholders at cost price in a responsible, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Finnish well-being

Through its minor and major shareholders, electricity from Olkiluoto keeps machines, services and domestic appliances going all over Finland.

Reliable production of electricity

Olkiluoto has all the resources and operations required for the safe and economical production of nuclear power, and a solid safety culture to steer all operations.

Responsible nuclear waste management

Operating waste and the spent nuclear fuel will be safely disposed of inside the Olkiluoto bedrock.

  • Clean electricity
  • Stable base load energy
  • Finnish well-being
  • Reliable production of electricity
  • Responsible nuclear waste